la vida es poesía

we are not meant to discover our purpose. we are meant to create it.



it is such a pleasure to welcome you to my little corner of the interwebs. i’m reimagining this space as a new ritual & resource for me to practice my most favorite discipline: 


love doesn’t just happen. it’s an action. a verb. constantly stretching us. sometimes we love big. sometimes in whispers. i want my days to overflow with it. i want to remember love. and share it. again and again. and i’m starting with my fingertips. with this keyboard. with me. with you. 

i’ll be documenting the miraculous, terrifying, awe-inspiring moments of my growth and [r]evolution. you’ll find poetry, art, vlogs, pearls of wisdom, confessions, observations…all the things that move me. explore. connect.

enjoy. ❤

next steps…

i believe we experience self actualization — our fullest potentials — when we connect & learn with each other. Say hello! and let’s grow! 🌱