lessons from water

1. to find peace – be still

2. reflect

3. always move

4. nourish life whenever possible

5. your presence will go unnoticed, but

6. make sure they feel your absence

7. adapt. learn to exist in all circumstances

8. pick things up. let them go


10. drown fuckers if you must

Death of the Artist

Putting a single line to paper can be an excruciating process that requires a constant confrontation of muses & demons, of desires & fears that are buried deep within the writer.

My days bleed into each other, and I find myself compulsively writing the same line again and again, retracing each letter, reciting each vowel. Before I know it, a hundred nights have passed, and the same line is still caught in the back of my throat, itching at the tips of my fingers.

I believe that at some point, the artist ceases to exist; when I write, my identity is erased. “diana” becomes irrelevant to the words on the page. What we are left with is the collaboration between the art and the audience. I dedicate this space to my own collaborations, my daily deaths and rebirths, and invite you to engage with yourself, and with art and writing in new and unexpected ways.