throw all the clocks away.

time has been unforgiving recently. there is always something to be done. i gifted myself a week filled with nothing. and it’s so wonderful to witness how nothing can transform into unexpected, spectacular somethings. a special kind of alchemy.

claiming and reclaiming time is an act of liberation. when we free our time, labor falls away for something far more tender… connection.

when we free our time, there’s room for misunderstandings, and reconciliations, and purging, and clearing space for possibility. there’s room for romance, and listening, and board games with grandma, and laughter, and family. there’s space for imagination.

how arrogant to think we have mastered time. haven’t we learned that space and time are inextricably linked? somewhere between particle and wave — quantifiable at times, but generally misunderstood.

a wonderment…what kind of mysteries does time reveal when we free it of management? when time is for more than optimization or productivity? what happens when we surrender to time? allow for it to move through us, and emanate from us, and guide us to a different kind of knowing?