Language as Possibility

How do you use your words?

Take a minute and really consider how you used language today.

I’ve found that in the age of social media, of instant communication and gratification, our relationship with language has suffered tremendously. We’ve become lazy – robots of convention, etiquette, and political correctness.

Taking language for granted is one of our deepest failures.

It is in the space between words where revolutions are born and thrive.

This is not a critique of our use of slang, abbreviations, or even emojis. In fact, I firmly believe in the fluidity of language. It is precisely because of its ever-changing nature that I encourage the people around me to study the way we use language carefully. There is truth behind this idea of “speaking things into existence.”

We are governed by words; when we master them, we are able to deconstruct realities and explore possibilities.

Language lives and breathes on its own, is representative of our cultural and political climates. Our identities depend on our mastery of the tongue, and I strongly believe that part of mastering language is being able to create our own rules.

Learn the rules — Master them — Break them — Make your own rules.

Break those too.

Remember – your words are your most lethal weapon.


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